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  • Shoreware HQ move to D:\ drive

    I am a new Shortel Tech or at least I am supposed to be and my customer has a request. When the server was installed at site, the tech who installed it was supposed to install the OS to the c:\ drive and the shoretel to the d:\ drive. The c drive is small at 33.6gb and the d drive is 250gb. The customer wants to move everything c:\shortel to d:\shortel. I assume this will have to be a re-install of the entire HQ system, but can you actually do what he is asking? Can the OS be on c:\ and the shortel data be on d:\? The real big reason is mainly just for voicemail data as they will use call record during sessions and interviews. Please.. can anyone advise me.. thanks.

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    Yes, a lot of customers do it just like you say. First, its Shoretel (there are 2 e's), you wont get far if you misspell it.

    Second, I guess the easiest way would to do an upgrade, maybe an uninstall/reinstall. Just do the backups that Shoretel suggests for an upgrade (MySQL dump and the Shoreline Data directory), put them on the D:/ drive and should be pretty easy.