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  • Shoretel Switch's and bogus traffic

    We've had 2 instance's of high bandwidth alerts and static on calls recently.

    The first one was a couple weeks ago, after narrowing down the switch port, we discovered it was a Shoretel switch causing the high bandwidth. Rebooting the switch seemed to resolve the problem. I don't recall if this instance was a SG50 or SGT1 causing the issue.

    It happend again today. This time it was a SG50. This site is a small site with a total of 4 phones. Neither switch is a SG50v.

    We originally thought the user was streaming video or something with the QOS was messed up, but after researching and rebooting the shoretel switch, all the offending traffic seemed to disappear.

    Netflow was unable to determine what kind of traffic it was.

    We are on 8.1, Build 13.26.9202.0.

    Anyone else seen this before?