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  • Weird Problem

    Recently we started having a very strange issue.

    When calling between sites, someone from HQ will hear their phone ring from site B, go to pick it up and the HQ phone is kind of dead. Site B reports they just don't hear anything on the other end, so they hang up. Site B phone is fine. However, HQ hangs up the phone to call them back and the phone is still alive, but has no dial-tone. It will read "off-hook" if you take it off hook, but no dial-tone. You can see people trying to call you, but if it's picked up, again, nothing.

    Likewise the opposite can occur too. HQ calls site B. Site B picks up and HQ phone enters the same state. It's always at HQ that the phone goes dead and typically involves the same remote site, although I can't verify that 100%.

    Both cases seem to be completely sporadic.

    The only fix appears to be rebooting the phone. However, we did attempt to change the call handling mode and it initialized a reboot when we did.

    We've tried different phone switches, different phones, different data switches and upgraded builds twice already. I've verified QOS with end to end packet captures. Event viewer shows nothing helpful.

    I did notice some un-needed traffic to our 24A, which is used almost exlusively for conferencing ports other than 2 faxes. I'm not sure why it was hitting the 24A. ShoreTel claims it is proxying voicemail through it....

    Anybody have any ideas on what the heck could be causing this? Below is our architecture:

    HQ (3) SG 50, 24A, T1K, (80) 560G phones, 100 Mbps MPLS
    Site B (1) SG 50, T1K, (20) 560G phones, 3 Mbps MPLS (flex circuit)
    Site C (1) SG 30, T1K, (5) 560G phones, 1.5 Mbps MPLS (flex circuit)
    Site D (1) SG 50, 5 analog trunks (3) 560G phones, 1.5 Mbps MPLS
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    What version/build of Shoretel?

    What type of routers are you using between the locations?


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      We started at 8.1, went to 8.1something and finally at the latest build of 9.2.

      Two layer 3, 3com switches do the routing between the suspect sites. They're really not doing much - just telling all traffic to go to the MPLS cloud (unless it's internet traffic, which would go out an actual router at HQ).


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        Right but you'll have routers in place given the TDM handoff. Are the routers carrier managed? What are they? Cisco, Juniper, Adtran?


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          Yeah, I was just replying to myself to correct that. There is actually a carrier managed router at site B. It's a Cisco something-rather that bonds 2 T1's. I have no idea of the model number though.

          HQ is an ethernet handoff from a fiber connection, so I believe that connects directly to the cloud through another switch a couple of miles away.