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  • "Unassigned" Call Manager??

    Has anyone experienced this? I have a handful of users whose PCM (ver 9.2) will randomly show as "unassigned" instead of "home." When this happens, they have no directory, no voicemails displayed, and no call history. Why is this happening and what's the fix?


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    It sounds like they dont have a home phone assigned in director (an an incorrect home phone) and whatever phone they are assigned/logged into was rebooted.

    This would cause the phone to come up unassigned, which would show the call manager unassigned.

    If they have a home phone assigned in director (instead of being assigned to "ANY" phone), and the phones reboot, the phone will automatically come back up with the "home" user logged into the phone.

    Nevermind, this wouldnt cause what you are experiencing.

    Sounds like the PCM is losing connection to the server and/or the TAPI service.

    Are these users on the other side of a WAN from the Server?


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      They all have home phones assigned and they are all on the same LAN, the WAN doesn't even come into play. I've had users disconnect from the TAPI service before and their PCM still showed "Home." Its been frustrating. Thanks for your input and any other advice you can offer.