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  • Voicemail not functioning

    Hey everyone,

    We've had several tickets come in about our voicemail not working correctly. Users will call someone and be sent directly to voicemail with no warning - the line goes blank waiting for a message. Here are a few of the tickets we've seen come in:

    Used shortel to call Bud in Oakland. Dialed his extension and got a recording that this extension was not valid. I had to call the office number to speak with Bud

    Pasted from <http://reg-fs1:9000/tickets>

    Whenever Melisa and I have transferred clients to both Gary and Matt's phones, the clients have called back and said they got a click and no voice message, so they felt it wasn't working. There was no message about the mailbox being full, either.

    Pasted from <http://reg-fs1:9000/tickets>

    1. 05-12-10 and 05-11-10: Called multiple people in the Clarksburg office. The first time I tried each of these people the phone would act as if was forwarding to voice mail but then would go blank. I would call back after hanging up and it would work correctly.

    2. 05-11-10: My voice mail when immediately opening and clicking play would not work as it always did, it would not play at all. I would have to close the voicemail reopen and count to 5, then click play…and it would play.

    Pasted from <http://reg-fs1:9000/tickets>

    I am unable to call direct extensions - example: I call extension 3105 for Chad, the call goes to old Berkeley extension 7905 (recording as not available)

    Pasted from <http://reg-fs1:9000/tickets>

    We're on version 14.22.2904.0

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    I would try restarting the voicemail services, ShoreTel-PortMgr and ShoreTel-MailServ and see if that resolves it, I am not sure if you have DVM servers throughout but with limited details I would try that first.