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  • Call Manager VS Service Codes

    Firstly apologies if this has been covered in another thread, but if so I cannot find it!

    Second apologies, I know this is going to make very little sense. It seems to be an Americanism as numbers with a leading 1 appear to be treated as local. We shall see ;o)


    We have a UK Customer attempting to use British Telecom service codes to control their outbound caller id. Carrier is blocking outbound caller id by default. Customer on occasion prefixes 1470 to override.

    Our number as dialed for this illustration is: 9 1470 01234 567890

    This works from the handset, but the associated Call Manager displays the call incorrectly. It appears to be adding the Local Area Code of the Trunk Group and cutting off the last 6 digits. This is not too much of a problem, as at this point it is just aesthetic.

    However, if they try and dial the above from Call Manager - instead of dialling as typed the system actually dials as displayed ((i.e. 9 +44 1234 1470 01234) and the call is rejected by carrier.

    Can anyone explain to me what it is exactly that the system is trying to do..?

    Is there something I can do to instruct it to dial numbers leading with 1470 as dialed and not as what it thinks it should be..? Custom Trunk Group Dialing Rules..?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Your issue is that the system trying to parse the number as if it was a UK phone number that when it displays the dialled string. 1XX. is in the UK dial plan to cater for "Unroutable indeterminate length operator & service codes" and it will just dial out what ever was pounded into the keypad.

    When Call Manager is involved it tries to do it's own clever parsing of the input string, and it doesn't seem to like numbers that don't line up with a "normal" number. I have found that if you prefix the number in Call Manager with the trunk access code that it will just dial the string out to the phone system.

    So in your example if you type 9147001234567890 into Call Manager then I think it will work. I use this in Australia to dial special short numbers such as 132244, our normal national numbers are 10 digits so Call Manager tries to dial the short number as an extension... typing 9132244 works (if 9 is your trunk access code as defined in Call Manager Options)

    Let me know how you go with that.


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      Thanks for your thoughts Jason, I have tried specifying trunk access without success - Call Manager still does as above.

      I was speaking with TAC yesterday and brought it up - and they have confirmed this is an issue for Professional Services to write a Custom Trunk Group Dialing Rule, but I am still not convinced as the manipulation like you have seen as well seems to happen on the client software and not up at this level..?

      I will try again with TAC and hope for a different response, as surely this should be considered a fault by ShoreTel. We have customers out there that exclusively use SoftPhone so do not have the choice to pickup the handset!


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        Tac is right, it is custom.

        you need the site plan to accept the number, and pass it to the trunk, and you need to make sure the trunk will pass the digits appropriately. Pro Services will charge $500 US to do it, or you can try and figure it out based on the dial plan doc that is on ShoreTel's Website.


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          Numbers dialled through the GUI arrive at the arrive fully formatted, which means PCM does try to interpret and format the number. If it works through the TUI but not the GUI then it must be PCM messing it up.

          eXpunger: Can you confirm that you have the trunk access code set in PCM and that you have a UK trunk group set as your default trunk group in Director?


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            Thanks Miersk, will have a look again and see if I can find this document. I did ask after something like this from TAC, but he didn't know of any 'how-to' type guide. To be fair he was half way through an all nighter so probably helping me trawl through the KB wasn't number one priority!

            If I am honest though, I am with Jason on this - digit manipulation is happening on the client before it gets anywhere near any trunk group dialing plans.

            Jason - PCM's 'Prefix to dial external number', which in effect is the same option that is in Director > User > Personal Options > Trunk Group Access Code, is set to our PRI Trunk Group (9). To eliminate any confusion I have disabled all other Outgoing Trunk Groups for my User Group, but I don't think this will make a difference - as this trunk is the only carrier facing trunk (the others are internal tie trunks to other systems we have on the go) and when the fault occurs we can hear the number unobtainable message frfromfrom our CO.