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  • Distributed Voicemail Message

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm hoping someone will be able to assist me here and clarify what I'm thinking the answer is.

    We have a mailbox setup to distribute voicemail messages to a select group of people. One of the people in that group asked if it was possible to set it up so that once one of the people from that distribution list listens to the voicemail, it would then be deleted from everyone else's voicemail.

    We just recently implemented the ShoreTel system so I'm still fairly new to it. But I'm thinking the answer to that is probably no because once it's distributed its merely a message in everyone else's individual box and no longer connected with the original since I have it set to delete messages once forwarded.

    Thanks for the help!



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    Hummm, I think you are right on this one...this would need to be a 'custom request' or a 'wish list' item.


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      Okay, sounds good. Thanks for verifying.


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        One option would be to make a dummy workgroup and make these users members of it. I believe you'd also have to give them WG Agent Call Manager. Then they can see the workgroup mailbox.


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          That was one option I had thought about too. However we currently don't have enough licenses to cover that. One of those cases where since it was a new deployment we wanted to replace functionality that currently existed and then add the bells and whistles as time goes on.