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  • Call in, then call out?

    I realize it could open us up to abuse, but is there any way to have a user call into Shortel, then call back out on another trunk line? We're trying to protect the privacy of some of our employees, when they have to place a call from their cell phone. We don't want the receiving party to get the employee's caller ID info. We want it to look like it's coming from the business. hone:

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I am not too sure how to set that up on the ShoreTel but it will open you up to toll fraud, are the employees using blackberrys? On most blackberrys and networks you can "restrict my identity" on the actual BB, so the employee can toggle that when needed. Just a suggestion.


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      It's not exactly what you asked for, but if they have remote access to PCM, they could make an outgoing call that way. Just externally assign their extension to their cell phone.

      The system would call their cell phone and then pickup a trunk and make the outgoing call.


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        Thanks guys, for the suggestions. They'll be using a variety of phones, both smart and "not-so-smart". :_rolleyes: Some are provided by the company, and some will be the employee's personal phones (we reimburse those users for their usage - keeps them from having to carry 2 phones)

        Unfortunately, we don't use PCM in our business, so that won't work.

        This idea is coming from mgmt. I've warned them of the possible dangers, but they insist. So be it.

        I really thought this would be an easy thing to implement, perhaps even with an account code or security code to prevent abuse, but I sure can't figure it out. Am I just missing something, or am I asking for the moon?

        As always, suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


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          This is fairly easy to implement with custom programming but I don't think there is any way to do this natively in ShoreTel.


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            ShoreTel does not currently support this behavior. If you always know what number they are going to call you could use a route-point to hard froward an extension to the number and then dial the extension from an AA, but there is no DISA that I know of.