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  • How do I identify the exact .wav file for a voice prompt?

    Our Customer Service department is considering changing their inbound traffic flow, so the prompts will possibly change. What they are asking for is a copy of all .wav file prompts that anyone would be hearing on the couple paths to a Customer Service Rep.

    In Contact Center it's pretty easy to find the file, because you click on the menu icon and the path to the file is listed at the bottom. But in Shoreware Director, there is no such feature in for example, an Auto Attendant. There are buttons to Record, Play, Delete and Import, but nothing associates that AA extension with a specific file.

    I know where the files are on the server and have started through playing some of them, but immediately found duplicates. So if anyone knows of a way to identify a file with a prompt on an Auto Attendant prompt, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    start, run, cmd
    showlog vmail

    then watch, it will show the name of the wav file when you hit play


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      Thank you very much, I appreciate the help. I'm new to Shoretel, but learning fast. That gave me what I was looking for!