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  • New Install - Questions and Comments

    Hi Everyone

    We are new with ShoreTel and are getting ready to do our server build etc.

    I have a couple of questions:

    * Will the software that gets loaded on the server run well on a Windows 2008 R2 (64 Bit)

    * Will the software run well if loaded on the Host server - Hyper-V role enabled

    * Has anyone used their ShoreTel server for cross utilization, yes Hyper-V but maybe something else like Dell IT Assistant - an SNMP Alert\Notification system for network hardware

    * Lastly - what does the Disk I/O hit look like

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know


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    I believe ShoreTel:
    Does not support Windows 2008 R2
    they do support spk 2 but there is a problem with CDR when using Win 2008 spk 2 so I would stay with Win2008 spk1.

    Does not support 64 bit, only 32 bit.

    Does not support virtual servers.

    These notes are from ShoreTel 9.2 Generally Available Release Version 14.42.2905.0.

    What version are you going to start with?


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      Generally speaking, ShoreTel should be on its own dedicated server and not share a role with another type of server in your environment. ShoreTel 10 I believe has additional build notes regarding 2008 and the services packs.


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        Shoretel does not currently support 64-bit operating systems and does not officially support VMWare.

        You'll need to install 2008 (R2 is 64-bit only). 64-bit and vmware are coming soon. There are plenty of threads on here related to VMWare if you want to know more.


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          Dalva - sorry forgot to add the version - we were delievered 10.1 and I hear there are updates for it.

          Cburgy - yeah we are strickly I Microsoft Shop and will not be using VMWare - Hyper-V yes. I have been reading and see that ShoreTel will not run on a VM but I was wondering if it could be ran on the Hyper-V host - I think PhoneGuy1108 answered this portion of the question.

          Thanks everyone for the response - any further info is appreciated!