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  • Installation of SIP Trunks

    My firm has developed great experience in provisioning and installing SIP trunks for ShoreTel systems.

    I am interested in "taking a pulse" as to whether other ShoreTel installers or admins feel there is a value is marketing our expertise in implementing SIP trunks as an outsourced resource for ShoreTel VARs. In talking to some other VARs, many are simply scared of the hassles and time involved. We do work with the Ingate Siperator as well as SIP trunks using IPSec VPN to the carrier, which does not require the Ingate.

    Do any of you see value in our firm offering this service? Would love to hear from you all.

    Steve Garson
    Tel: 617-862-0213
    Yes, I would consider using SIP expert to configure trunks
    No, I don't get involved in SIP trunks
    No, I think SIP trunks are nothing but trouble

    The poll is expired.

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    We are not experts in sip yet, but have done several and found them to be not all that bad. The poll lacks an option to say that we do our own and do not see a need to hire something out we can do for ourselves. I do appreciate this kind of offer though because when we first picked up the ShoreTel line something like this would have looked much more attractive to us than it does now. This could be a great help to those who get hit with a SIP install early in their experience with ShoreTel.


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      Thanks for the feedback, Ben.


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        Yea, I would have selected "we do our own", but instead choose they are nothing but trouble.

        Are you refering to SIP trunks to a telco or to another PBX? With or without a Session Border Controller?

        We are in the process of trying to use SIP trunks to tie a Shoretel & Cisco (no firewall) with out a SBC, but still having issues...


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          I'm referring to SIP trunks to replace PRI or analog trunks. I wish I could edit the survey to take the suggestions, but I can't!