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  • Softphone and SSL VPN

    We have a situation where softphones can establish outbound calls over our PRIs and they can hear the remote party’s voice but the remote party cannot hear them. Here are the specifics:

    - Softphone can make calls to any internal extension on the primary LAN without issue but calls to other sites get no audio.
    - The softphones are connected by a Sonicwall SSL VPN NetExtender client.
    - There is no problem when using the softphone on the internal data LAN to make external calls.
    - We have the SSL VPN virtual IP range defined as “Teleworker” in the IP Phone Address Map.
    - The virtual IP range for the SSL VPN clients is on the same subnet as our data LAN.
    - We can ping the softphone’s IP address from the Shoreware server (which is on the same subnet as the Shoregear switch) and vice versa.
    - We are not blocking any ports on the SSL VPN nor are we doing any packet inspection.
    - The Shoregear switch has the proper default gateway defined.
    - We are using Verizon IP Flex VoIP circuits as our PRI.

    This seems like a Sonicwall/routing issue but I can't figure out why all other calling works OK. Maybe someone has experience with similar setups?
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    Do you have any 'DB' settings on your PRI? I have one TELCO we use that requires us to set the TX & RX levels to at least 3 or 4. This has solved several 'low volume' and 'dialing after a completed call' issues.


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      We have our PRIs set at 2 db gain but it doesn't seem to be a volume issue as there is no audio at all. I solved the internal calls to other sites issue. Turned out to be a misconfigured rule in the firewall which was set to a old non-existant VPN zone instead of the LAN zone. Now the softphone user can make calls to any internal extension regardless of site/subnet.


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        Having same problem - any luck fixing it?

        Having the exact same problem making outbound calls through the SSLVPN from Sonicwall. Internal calls work fine, but external calls have one-way audio. Did you ever come up with anything?


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          Found the problem. It was a leftover auto-generated NAT rule that was translating packets ingressing and egressing the LAN port. Didn't affect much normal traffic, but VPN traffic was getting FUBARed.


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            What NAT rule exactly? I am having a lot of the same issues!