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  • How do you handle the Receptionist?

    We are looking at reconfiguring the way we handle calls, and I wanted to know how you all handle incoming calls? I would really like to hear from those of you that forgo the auto attendant, and use a one person operator who transfers every incoming call.

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    That's easy...install the Operator Call Manager on the PC, add the Contacts and 'Drop and Drag' away...
    For a few minor details:
    1 - I would program a 'Hunt Group' and add the Operator as the member. This will allow you to put a 'Schedule' on the Operator Position as well as allow a difference between Customer Calls and Personal Extension Calls.
    2 - Have all of your 'Outside' calls come to the Hunt Group. Set your Schedule on your HG. Off-hours to your Closed Treatment. Auto- attendant, General Mailbox, Answering Service or what ever the case may be..
    3 - Set the HG's 'Call Stack Full' & 'Ring No-Answer' treatment to be 'what ever you plan to do when the operator position is not available during 'Open Hours'. Lunch, breaks, meetings, ect.
    4 - Program a 'Busy Out Hunt Group' button on the Tool bar, so they can control it as needed.


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      I have done several scenarios like 59Deano describes, we sometimes even have a main huntgroup for the receptionist that overflows to another huntgroup that has several backup people in it for peak times. How you set this up really depends on your business, how busy you are, and what kind of tolerance your customers have for being put on hold.