I recently installed a SG50V at a site that uses both POTS lines and a PRI for trunking. Since the install of the SG50V, all calls that come inbound to those trunks at that site are routed to the Auto Attendant Extension (2904) that is designated in the 'Application Servers' form for the SG50V. It no longer routes to the extension (3900) that we have designated in the analog trunk group or in the DNIS map in the PRI.
I have attempted to change this Auto Attendant Extension but Director will not allow it stating that the extension I try to set it to is already in use when trying to set to 3900.

I would be fine with moving my Auto Attendant to the 2904 extension but I where can I set that up??? Director will not allow me to create a AA menu under 2904 because it states that it is already in use.

Has anyone else had this issue???
Please help!!