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  • Off site extentions and call handling

    Wow my first post! They say the first post is the hardest.

    Setup: We have a trunk group that allows site to site calling. On our campus, we access this system by dialing an extention and that is assigned as an off site extention and then BAMB you get dialtone and access to the next leg. This works good internally.

    Task: Our executives would like to call in and then get access to this system.
    I figured out how to do this part by transfering the call from a extention but wait... the call doesn't retain the user group settings from the extention.

    Issue: Management wants this password protected so not everyone has access to it. Of course, they only want this password on this type of call. Meaning someone from the outside that wants access to the system. Shoretel is fairly new to our group and I can't figure out how to accomplish this.

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    Have a look at Account Codes and/or Route Points. You should be able to build a user group that can force an Account before allow a call to connect. From the outside, there may be a variety of ways to accomplish this. Anything from a AA menu to a Route Point, you may just have to play around with it. But again, Account Codes should fix the 'password' part of your puzzle.


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      Thanks for the information. I'll have to look into route points. That may be promising.