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  • Canned Reporting Woes

    Greetings All,

    I'm using Shoretel 14.21.4905.0 and am having some real problems with the canned reports. I dont have ECC.

    We have one workgroup on our system for Customer Service, and at the end of each week the department manager runs the Workgroup Agent Summary Report and the Workgroup Service Level Summary Report to see how many calls her agents are taking.

    She came to me a few weeks ago after she'd noticed some discrepancies between the reports. For instance, the number of WG calls taken by agents added together should equal the total number of calls for the workgroup. Nope! When you add the WG calls for agents and look at the Service Level Summary, the total is different, sometimes but a substantial amount (>50 calls). Weve tried a number of different calculations like this, and nothing seems to equate correctly.

    Naturally, I checked the Shoretel Admin Guide first. Appendix B section 4.5 is the Workgroup Agent Summary Report section. The last sentence in that section reads,

    The Workgroup Agent Summary Report is described as follows:
    promptly followed by NOTHING. The manual skips to the next section.

    Were at the point where were seriously starting to question the accuracy of these canned reports. I checked a bit through the forums, and it looks like others are having some similar difficulties.

    Does anyone know the formulas that these reports are using to calculate the values its spitting out? Any help you can offer would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!


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    Woes indeed

    Any progress on this? I noticed the same things, in addition to duplicate calls, throwing off my call numbers and on the phone time for my Csrs


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      duplicate records, etc

      According to my tech the duplicate records an off time is cause by the call originating then being tranfered to an extension and back to the original recipient. The transfer spawns an additional log entry for the exact same call.


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        Still trying...

        I talked to my tech yesterday and he's going to try to find the missing explanations of the canned reports. When I hear back from him, I'll post his findings here. =)


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          Awesome. I am upgrading to 10.2 today ....