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  • Call Phone by Mac Address

    Is it possible to call / page a phone by the Mac Address?
    We have a shared office that anybody can use and assign their phone to. This office is in the corner of the building and cannot hear pages. I would like to add this phone to the page group by the Mac Address. Therefore, whoever is at that phone, will hear the page.
    We could then also call that phone, maybe only via PCM or access code.

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    I do not believe that this is possible short of Palitto Consulting doing some magic for you. The problem is that the switch builds a call based on the endpoint (SIP) ID of the phone, not the MAC address. I have never checked to see if this changes with the users or is static, but I have a feeling that it changes and this would mean there is no ShoreTel method for placing a call directly to a MAC.


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      Thanks. I did not find a way either. It would be a nice option.