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  • Delay before Shoretel Switch Picksup

    Hello everyone, Im very green at becoming a ShoreTel administrator, I've managed to get most of the items up and running but have one strange issue that I cannot figure out.

    Issue: When our main line rings in, the shoretel system doesn't seem to recognize the call until the 2nd ring.

    Example: When I call our main # from a different landline phone, I hear ring one on my end (no ring in our office yet), I hear ring two, then the dialing ring tone on my end changes, (1st ring at our office).

    Observation: When I used my cellphone and called in, I noticed that line 1 on our shoretel switch actually indicated that there was an incoming call (line 1 flashes), but doesnt actually pickup the call and start ringing our extensions until ring 2.25, (sorry to be confusing).

    System Info: Shoretel 40/8 system, version 7. We are using a variety of Shoretel phones, 230, 212k, etc. Total of 7 IP phones.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I am assuming you are using analog loop start trunks here. In order to CLID from provider it takes 2 ring cycles, the ShoreTel switch sees the call and will then answer (if ringing to an AA or to an actual phone) after 2 rings. If you are a PRI it will instantly pick up because it doesnt require any time to receive the CLID from the telco.