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  • Login to Voicemail from landline

    Hi All,

    DOes anyone know if it is at all possible to create a DID number that routes to ShoreTel Voicemail and then gives you the oppurtunity to login as were you on the system?
    So I want to call a DID and then get the systemprompt saying Welcome to the ShoreTel phonesystem, please enter your extensionnumber, etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This could be a DID routed to an AA that plays 2 seconds of silence and then times out to the VM login extension with no other options. The 2 seconds of silence is necessary because if you put in anything less than that the system assumes there is no valid prompt and plays the default AA instead.


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      What Ben says. You just need to be able to call the VM Login extension in some way. Once there you get prompted for your extension and password as if you had called from a phone.


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        This is easier than you think. In Director go to System Parameters > System Extensions and enter the DID extension number in the Voicemail Login Extension box. From a cell phone dial the seven or ten digit DID number and ShoreTel Voicemail will answer and prompt for an extension number. Works like a charm.