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  • Extension not available problem


    I'm wondering if anybody has come across this problem before. We're having an intermittent problem with internal & external calls that keep getting the below message 3 times then disconnected.

    that extension is not reachable at this time
    that extension is not reachable at this time
    that extension is not reachable at this time
    thankyou for calling

    phone then disconnects.

    I'm the network person & someone else does the phones but I cannot fault the network for errors, latency or QoS, all is good. Does this sound like a shoretel system problem ?


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    Generally this is a network problem.

    Is this a single or multi-site Shoretel install? Are the calls crossing thw WAN? If so, what is the WAN?


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      It sounds kind of like an "Adminssion Control Bandwidth" problem I've had before.
      That setting can be checked under SITES.

      I'm not sure if there's an official forumla for this, but I'd set the HQ's bandwidth to the sum of all the other sites ACB.


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        Hi Jason, Sounds like your right as I've been told the shoretel logs are showing a 'no bandwidth available' msg.

        Replying to it maybe a network problem, I wouldn't say so as there is no jitter & voice quailty is excellent, if it was the WAN then I would expect poor quality & dropped calls even. FYI Its a multi site install & the WAN is MPLS.


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          Thanks for the replies. Problem solved, "Adminssion Control Bandwidth" settings changed.