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  • Is this possible????

    I have a problem where our sales team has sold a system with 14 workgroups. With the idea that they can have a custom made .WAV file music on hold file, as opposed to using the MOH source on the switch.

    Is this possible? I cannot see that it is, at all.

    Any help would be great! Thanks guys!

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    You could record up different music on queue files (through the queue structure of the workgroup), but it would only be when they were in queue, not on hold.


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      I assume the reason is some message played while on hold? I would recommend putting the "hold" music in the WG prompt. This isn't perfect, but it is easy and cheap.

      This can also be done with multiple ShoreTel switches. Unfortunately you'd need at least 14 switches to make this work. You would then need trunks into all 14 switches-Either internal loopback trunks or trunks from the telco. You may also need 14 site licenses, but someone helpfully told me that on ShoreTel 10.1 this may not be needed any longer.

      Lastly, this can be done with custom software. There are some limitations, such as being unable to use ShoreTel's MoH at all and requiring a few extra low-end phones sitting in a closet somewhere. This would cost somewhere in between the above two options.


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        Great ideas guys, that helped me figure it out. What I did was like both of you guys kinda said. I used audacity to trim my "prompts" (custom on hold music) to specific seconds. The used the sound recorder app. to convert the files. It actually works pretty well.

        Thanks allot for the responses, and have a great day.