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  • Configuring outbound trunk group selection

    I have SIP trunks and analog trunks on the system. The default outbound trunk for dialing is the analog trunk group (two lines), with the SIP trunks handling outbound calls only if the two analog trunks are in use, which is a requirement.

    When a user extension is configured for out-of-office or find-me, I would like the call to dial out on the SIP trunk group. This allows the incoming caller ID to be passed to the user on their cell phone.

    Any suggestions?

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    The only way I know to do this would be to give the SIP trunk group a different access code and use that code in the External Assignment and Find Me programming to specify the trunk group.


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      How would I program the system to dial out on the alternate trunk group accessed with 8 (SIP) if the analog group was engaged (accessed with 9). If it would happen automatically, then that would be the perfect resolution.