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  • Call Manager Hangs

    We are on terminal services environment.
    Call Manager hangs everyday and cannot get it to do anything.

    I have to reboot server before it starts working again.
    but after a few hours, it will hang again.
    Just wondering if anyone has encountered this before..


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    What version of ShoreTel?


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      should be the latest one 7.5.
      We go live tonight.


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        I don't think I would go live until the call manager issue is fixed.....


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          Originally posted by Nelson
          should be the latest one 7.5.
          We go live tonight.
          12.12.6116 or 12.13.1310?


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            did you install the call manager via the "Terminal Server" installation instructions? It's a little different than the standard call manager installation.

            Just checking...


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              Yes, I did it using the command prompt with the tspinstall.exe -i stserver 192.168.xx.x

              right now, I uninstalled the call manager and re-installing it.
              when I go to the phone and modem options, it get

              Provider not currently loaded by TAPI.
              This indicates that no TAPI applications are running.


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                I have Shoretel running on several Terminal servers, on Versions from 6.1 thru to 7.5 build 12.12.6116.0. The 7.5 build has about 40+ users on it, and I'm not aware of any issues. I checked the release notes on 7.5 Build 12.13.1326.0, and did not see anything on Terminal Server issues.

                Maybe call TAQ on this one.



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                  I got this off the event log from the terminal server.

                  Fault bucket 611258133.

                  Hanging application STCHost.exe, version 12.13.1310.0, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

                  any idea what is causing this??


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                    What is the Event ID in the Eventviewer logs?

                    Also, was the terminal server in 'Install mode' when you installed it?


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                      Charles, I think that is where I goofed up.
                      I forgot to put it on install mode.
                      Do I do the CHANGE USER /INSTALL when installing and then
                      CHANGE USER /EXECUTE after installing?
                      I hope this is it. I will uninstall everything again this weekend.
                      And do a re-install


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                        Yep. I usually do it from DOS

                        Chaneguser /install and the Changeuser /execute

                        It's a shot in the dark, but any shot is better than no shot


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                          It looked good this morning. Everyone was happy for at least 2 hours.
                          And then it locked up again.
                          I don't know what to do next?? This is very frustrating..
                          Do you have any other advice I can try??


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                            I had this same problem for over a week, ShoreTel support did not help at all. What i had to do was manually put the TAPI as a terminal Service. (restart when nessessary)

                            Uninstall ShoreTel CM from the TS
                            In "Phone and modem options" under advanced make sure ShoreTel is not there.
                            Install ShoreTel (restart i think)
                            Open registy (regedit)
                            go to "HKey_LM\software\shoreline Teleworks\Remote TSP\Provider##" Should only be one.

                            In there do the following keys (make them if they are not listed)
                            AppServer (Reg_DWORD) Hex value = 1
                            Server (Reg_SZ) Value = IP of you Server
                            UserName (REG_SZ) Value = ShoreTel
                            In "Phone and modem options" under advanced open ShoreTel
                            Under Provider Status there should be Mutiple Devices. This means it is working (for now).

                            Hope this helps


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                              do not do the tspinstall.exe. This is a manual way that worked for me.

                              Also check the following:
                              "HKey_LM\software\shoreline Teleworks\Telephony Management Server\ Configuration\ProviderID"
                              equals the same Decimal number as Provider number here "HKey_LM\software\shoreline Teleworks\Remote TSP\Provider##"
                              Last edited by Tenny321; 01-07-2008, 10:31 AM.