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  • Area code / Account code fun...

    OK. Here is the issue....
    We have a client that wants to use account codes for long distance calling. "No problem" I say... All of the lawyers are in the executive class of service so I force account codes for LD by selecting "local only" permissions. Works like a charm... They use 6 digit account codes and all is well. Dial "1604XXX-XXXX" enter account code and off it goes. Here is the issue.... Their local area code is "250" but that local area code also can be long distance. I thought that the COS would look at the trunk group and then look at my local area code prefix list. Not so. When local only is selected in the COS it just looks at the "250" and off it goes, even though it's a LD call. I tried to create a restriction in the COS by adding "+1250" so if it sees the "1" in front it would restrict it. Nope, that didn't work either. Where I am going wrong? How do you setup a local AC if it's both local and LD? Also, we are using 10 digit dialling... Anyone?

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    The area codes need to be added to the site as well, under additional local area codes. Check to see if they are listed in the trunk group as well. We had this problem with another client and adding all the local area codes in those two locations fixed the issue.


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      Well, apparently this is a billable ShoreTel item this "mixed dialing" thing. I finally found a doc on the ShoreTel website on how to edit the site dialing page and force account code collection for calls that are LD but are using the local area code.... Worked like a charm.

      KB 12996



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        Did you find that KB a bit confusing? I went through the directions and then applied the "rules" to the example and came up with a different result. I had a co-worker try it as well and the result was different than what the document showed. So we have decided not to move ahead with this for now unless we can get a clearer set of instructions. Honestly, this seems like something that shouldn't require a dial string, but that's just my opinion.