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  • phone report

    Anyone know how to get the full info on call flow out of the system? I need to be able to show how many calls are coming into a specific number (easy enough) but then show where the call goes from there. For instance, the number in question is a main number of sorts for us and I need to be able to show where the receptionist is transferring the call to. Thanks

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    your looking for a 'cradle to grave' report. There isn't one in the canned reports, but I've heard of some being written by somebody. Obviously not me



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      anyone.... hello?


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        On our server, in "C:\Shoreline Data\Call Records 2" there is a log file for each day with call records containing date, time, extension, and some kind of code which I haven't deciphered. You can tell its an event-based log, because you can see incoming calls to extension 100, then you see the same phone number again a few seconds later at another extension where it had been transferred. Not the greatest report, but if you needed to figure something out you could start there.


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          Yes, it is possible, and it is really not too hard. You can open the database and filter by called number, then, you will have to follow the caalid. Kinda hard to explain in text form......