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  • ShoreTel Web Reporting


    We are running ShoreTel 9.1 (Build 14.22.2904.0) and purchased the web reporting license. The crystal reports viewer will not install on workstations running windows7 64bit, IE 8.0.

    The viewer loads on workstations running windows7 32bit and windows xp 32bit.

    Does anyone know how to install the crystal reports activex viewer control on workstations running windows7 64bit version? Allow activex controls are enabled on the system

    Thanks in advance


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    Can you expand a bit on what you mean by it won't install? Where is it getting stuck? Are you getting an error?


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      We sign into shoreware director using internet explorer. Scroll down on the left nav bar to reports. Select a report and enter the desired criteria. Another window opens, instead of showing the report a red x is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the window. Title on the tab is “Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer”.

      We use to be prompted to install the crystal reports active X viewer on systems that did not already have it installed, to view the reports. This is not happening. Reports will display on workstations that have the Active X viewer installed.

      The only thing that has changed on the shoreware server is that we added additional extension and mailbox licenses.

      Any help would be most appreciated.



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        Have you tried accociating the .asp file with adobe reader or acrobat reader by going to Start>Default Programs>Associate a file type or protocol with a program. Then associating .asp with Adobe Reader or Acrobat.


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          Shoretel Apps fail on 64 bit boxes.