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  • Configuring cs70n headset with Shoretel 530

    I'm running into a bit of a problem getting the CS70n headset working with the Shoretel 530 phone system. I read several users had positive feedback about the headsets.

    Could someone care to explain how to properly get the wireless headset to pickup phone calls away from the base?

    I hear beeping when an incoming call comes in, but when I press the call control button on the headset nothing happens, the base station is still ringing.

    I am using the CS70n wireless headset in conjunction with the rd-1 hookswitch.

    In PCM i am set to wireless headset under the telephony options.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    You won't be able to use the electronic offhook switch with the IP530, the phone hardware doesn't support it.

    All recent versions of the phones support it (230 models, 560g, 265, 565, 212k).

    The IP560 phones started supporting it in newer hardware revisions.

    If the date code ends with a suffix of "GE" or "-03" or higher, the phone
    supports this feature.