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  • Long-distance schedule

    Is there any way to turn off long-distance automatically on a schedule? We have a call room that we are using for other purposes during the day, so we want long distance calling to be available. However, at night, it is a call room for students to call home with their calling cards. I have setup a user group for which I can manually turn long distance off or on, but is there anyway to switch it automatically at specified hours?

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    I can't think of anyway to do it directly from Shortetel.

    But if you know which DB value needs to be changed to make this happen, you could write a script and have it as a scheduled task I would assume. Standard windows based stuff.


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      This may be of some help. I ran across Application Note AN-0104 that gives an example on how to build a scriptable time of day interface that can be used to lock down a class of service. Sorry, but the PDF file size is too large to add the application note as an attachment.


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        Where can I get AN-0104?


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          Originally posted by LonnieBear
          Where can I get AN-0104?
          Here you go!