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  • Disconnect Reason Codes from database

    A lot of my workgroup calls have reason code 3 in their log entries in the database. According to the SysAdminGuide.pdf, it says 3 means Reject. Does anyone know what could cause a "Reject" and how to prevent it? Anyone know the meaning of these others, particulary BadAddress?

    2 Unknown Unknown reason
    3 Reject Call Call was rejected
    4 Pickup Call Call picked up by other destination
    5 Forwarded Call Call forwarded to another destination
    6 Busy Busy destination
    7 NoAnswer No answer by destination
    8 BadAddress Bad address
    9 Unreachable Destination cannot be reached

    Shoretel 7.5

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    Disconnect reason code 3 in the connect table? Or Exit Reason 3 in the queuecall table? If it's the queuecall table, exitreason 3 is All agents were logged in and on calls.