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  • Shoreware Director Login

    What is the best way to either find out which account got set to administrator or reset it to the default. I was working on how change the director login from the default admin and changeme and found the correct way of adding users to the administrator group. While trying this out I did not save any changes as far as I know so that it would still be the default login. However it seems that some account must have gotten accidentally saved as the administrator. I have tried the two accounts I added for experimentation as well as the default with no avail.

    So based on this is there a way I can find if one of the other user accounts got selected without being able to login to the director or should I just restore the database to a day or two ago when it was working?

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    restore the database will be the easiest. You could also get in and manually edit the database to give admin rights to a known user, but they make the field somewhat masked for security reasons. I have found it but would have to go looking to remember what it is and what you want to set it to.


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      The following SQL query will show you any users who are assigned a role:

      SELECT GuiLoginName, RoleDesc FROM users INNER JOIN adminroles ON adminroles.roleid=users.roleid;

      The following query will wipe out all role information:

      UPDATE users SET roleid=NULL;


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        There are two ways the default login gets removed.

        1. If a user is set with administrative rights. If that is the case, then Palitto's query is great.

        2. If a user is added who's login name is admin. This will create a user who has the admin username but who does not have an admin credential.

        UPDATE users SET GuiloginName = admin1 WHERE GuiloginName = admin;


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          The problem is most certainly adding a username called admin.

          To submit this query to the database I would need to open up the database using localhost and root?

          As of now I have not been able to login to the database using the following information on the shoretel server:

          Server Host: localhost
          Username: root
          Password: shorewaredba
          Port: 3306

          Using this info I get MySQL Error 2003 stating:
          Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

          This is using MySQL Administrator, Query Browser, etc.

          If there is a better more straightforward way to change or delete the custom user named admin then I would like to hear it.



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            For ShoreTel 10, the port is 4308.


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              This command SELECT GuiLoginName, RoleDesc FROM users INNER JOIN adminroles ON adminroles.roleid=users.roleid; showed me two columns with no data as expected since there isnt a user as the adminrole.

              However using UPDATE users SET GuiloginName = admin1 WHERE GuiloginName = admin; resulted in an error stating: Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause'
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                UPDATE users SET GuiloginName='admin1' WHERE GuiloginName='admin';


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                  That has done it, I really appreciate the excellent help.



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                    another thing: you have to grant permissions to "SELECT" for the users: st_cdrreport and st_configread


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                      port 4309
                      db: Shorewarecdr

                      port: 4308
                      db: Shoreware