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  • It seemed like a good idea at the time . . .

    Our ShoreTel system was originally set up with Site A as our company's HQ. Now we have moved HQ (and most servers) to Site B. We had the HQ server in Site A and a DVM in Site B. The hardware is identical so we basically just swapped the servers' roles by backing up data, uninstalling, reinstalling, and restoring data. It took a little troubleshooting to fix the server licensing (damn you DCOM) but everything else is working.

    Here's the catch. Site A is still showing as the HQ with the HQ server (which is actually in Site B) and of course the DVM shows at Site B. Our partner reported that ShoreTel TAC claims we will have to remove the sites, switches, and trunks and rebuild them from scratch. WTF?!

    Before I spend a weekend deleting and reentering sites, switches, trunks, etc. I am hoping someone might have a better idea. I am thinking that I may be able to use SQLyog to edit the database but do not have enough MySQL experience to go cannon-balling into it. (Although I do have backups and images if I were to create my own disaster.)

    Any ideas are welcome. TYIA.

    FYI, we have 13 sites, 26 switches, ~250 users, 1 HQ, 1 DVM, running what I believe is the latest build of 9.1 - 14.22.2904.0.

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    I believe that TAC's suggestion may well be the least painful. There are a number of portions of the DB schema that are not immediately apparent as well as the follow up of re-pointing registry entries and fixing services that are affected because they run differently on the HQ server than on DVM servers. I have made a number of tweaks or fixes to the DB when necessity required, but I am never excited about it because it is a very complicated schema and there are a lot of gotchas on that side, and thus the user interface.


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      Thanks Ben, I was afraid of that. I am disappointed that TAC didn't see this as a potential issue when our partner opened a Service Request pre-migration. I can't believe we are the first company to make this kind of change.

      Then again, noone is perfect. And for the most part, I really like my ShoreTel system.

      Who needs weekends off anyway?!