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  • Caller ID "Unknown" to OSEs

    Interesting caller id issue, where caller id is showing Unknown for all calls routed directly (via Extension routing, with no DNIS entry in the trunk group) to off system extensions. "Unknown" is displayed in the caller id field in the database, as well as in the trunk test tool.

    If I call from the same external number (say my home) to any other extension, caller id shows up in the trunk test tool and in reports. If I call one of our AAs and then dial the SAME OSE, caller id shows up.

    If I add a DNIS entry to the Trunk group, routing to the off system extension, caller id shows up.

    I have dozens of DIDs routed via extension only to Trunk groups via off system extensions. I would prefer not to have to duplicate those entries in a DNIS table in order to get Caller Id.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks much!

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    By "routed via extension only" I refer to the trunk group settings, of routing via DNIS, DID or Extension. I don't have the DID mapped and I don't have a DNIS entry. It is routing simply by the 4 digits received from the carrier to a matching OSE. Ie, phone number is xxx-xxx-6655 and I have OSE 6655 on the fax server hunt group. Note there is no issue with the routing itself, the call makes it successfully to the fax server. I just don't get caller id unless I ALSO put a DNIS entry in the trunk group.


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      Do you have the send outgoing name and number checked in the switch programming of the tie line that supports the off system extensions? This could be affecting the call. Although I am not sure why adding DNIS routing would affect this.


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        Yes, the caller id is being passed so long as the call is not routed directly from the Verizon local PRI switch to the off system extension. If there is a DNIS routing, it passes the caller id. If you dial an aa first and then the off system extension, it passes the caller id.

        In fact, if I dial in to one of our toll free fax lines that are also not routed in the DNIS tables (just by extension, which matches the four digits being sent by the carrier), there is indeed caller id. ONLY when the call comes in on a DID from Verizon PRI directly (routed by extension) to an OSE does the caller id show as Unknown. Calls to DIDs on the same PRI, routed to other types of extensions, do pass caller id.


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          Hmm.. I think I am starting to see a pattern. When you are using any of the other methods to get the call to the OSE it is an expected use where the ShoreTel would normally pass CLID along to it's own entities, but an extension mapped OSE is an entity that the ShoreTel knows nothing about. Whether this is intended behavior or not only ShoreTel Corporate can tell you, but I think that is your explanation. The fix....DNIS mappings.


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            Ugh. Yes, I have started adding DNIS mappings in order to get it working for now. But why no DNIS mapping required if the call is coming in with DNIS from Qwest? The DNIS is not mapped for those calls going straight to the Genifax. I am using the same exact routing (allowing it to route by extension) and those are passing caller id!