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  • Question for someone that knows SIP better than me!

    Hi all,

    We have a customer that uses the Ascom i75 as a SIP extension, on 9.1. They are having some pretty big problems, and I have been working with Ascom and the TAC for over 4 months on them.

    This is a factory, and there are a few people that walk around the entire complex constantly. So their i75 roams from Access Point to Access Point. When changing from one AP to the next, there is a few seconds that the i75 is not pingable. If they happen to have an incoming call during this time, or any other time that they are out of wireless range, the Shoretel switch drops that phones SIP registration. Although, the Ascom still thinks that it has a registration, so it doesnt request a new one until its expiration time. This means that once the phone does come back into range, the user has no idea that his phone is not working, but no calls can come in, and he cant make any calls.

    There was one guy that had a heart attack and couldnt call for help because his phone wasnt registered, and another time when an alarm was going off and the fire dept couldnt call the guy to ask if everything was OK.

    I can see in debugging on the SIP proxy switch that, when the phone tries to make a call, the switch gives it a 401 unauthorized, and doesnt allow the call to be placed.

    My question is this- is it a possibility for A) Shoretel to not delete the registration until the expiration time, or B) Ascom to try to register after getting a 401 unauthorized.

    I want to ask those questions to Shoretel and Ascom, but I dont know if its a stupid question or not.


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    Sorry for the double post, I asked the administrator of this forum for help on that, but I dont think we have an administrator.