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  • Jason Learmouth
    Well any time you put all your eggs in one basket you'll be in trouble if you loose the basket... having all your SIP trunks terminate at one site is an example of this. To mitigate the risk you could terminate some of the trunks on devices at other sites.

    You can enable some local fail over to POTS by editing the dial plan that will let the system grab a less preferred trunk (local POTS) to make a call if the more preferred trunk (SIP) isn't available. Talk to your partner about this, it's well documented on the ShoreTel kb if you have access to it as well, do a search for "dial plan".

    If loose network to a particular site (but still have the SIP trunks up) and a call comes in the SIP trunk for the site that is disconnected, you can use PTSN failover to have ShoreTel route the call back out to a local number at the disconnected site.

    It's worth noting that ShoreTel's distributed architecture keeps things running during outages, but cetralised connectivity can work against you sometimes...

    Hope that gets you started on the right track.

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  • ACMITDept
    started a topic Redundancy


    Hello All,

    Just a generalized question for everyone.

    What is a true way of having TRUE redundnacy with the ShoreTel system? We are using SIP trunks across 98 sites in 7 states. Of course if we are to lose our internet at the HQ then the SIP Trunks cannot go through. Yes we have our SIP provider who is fantastic at routing our phone calls to their second phone line however. I would prefer NOT to have them route at all.

    Secondly when the locations lose their network, since we have them on outgoing and incoming SIP trunks, they are not dialing out on their real POTS lines, they dont even have access to them. I would like to be able to setup the Least Cost Routing to where if the SIP is unavailable they at least can call out on their POTS line.

    I love the system and it's functionality, I just need to keep it running if something else happens

    Can anyone share what they have in place now? Anyone have any ideas? . :batman: