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  • How I learned to hate the MCM

    Can someone that uses the MCM software point me in the right direction here?

    We have been trying to find a solution for executives to easily play voicemails while out of the office. They have blackberry handsets. For TMOBILE carrier voicemails, they simply click on a button that says "Visual Voicemail". It brings up a list of all their voicemail messages, and they just click on the one they want. Done. End of story.

    Now to the Shoretel voicemail.

    We have tried programming speed dials that call and enter their extension and password, etc. to take them directly to playing their voicemails. Doesnt work reliably due to lost key tones, etc.

    We have tried MCM software. It has so much promise but really sucks in the end. When I go into the "VOICEMAIL" section, I can click on any message I want and listen to....... oh.... 10 SECONDS of the message. If I want the whole message, I have to click on "Play whole message". At this point, half the time it plays out of my desk phone. If I remembered to externally assign myself (which I may not *want* to do), I sit, and wait, and wait, and then my phone RINGS, yes rings. The voicemail system calls me to play the voicemail. How crappy. How Slow.

    If I could just remove the 10 second limit on "previews" I think I would be ok.

    There has to be a way to listen to shoretel voicemails in a traditional (easy) way. I am looking to click on a button, have all my voicemails listed, and be able to click on any of them and listen to the WHOLE message without being called, etc. Basically emulate standard cell phone visual voicemail.... or like an IPOHNE works.

    any ideas?

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    Why not just email wav attachments? BlackBerry downloads the entire message and it shows up just like an email. Works great for us.


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      Email WAV Attachments

      The problems we had with the email wav attachment method is that:

      1. When you play the message, it doesnt mark it as "heard"
      2. When you delete the WAV file, it doesnt delete the message from the phone system
      3. When they are in the office, they get every email as a wav file (eats up a lot of outlook space) (and is annoying).
      4. When they are in the office, they now get TWO emails for each voicemail.... which confuses them. They only get ONE email for each voicemail while their PC is off.

      "inconsistent" at best.

      It seems like every option they offer has "strangeness". For Example, Outlook integration:
      1. The vmail message is only delivered if OUTLOOK IS RUNNING, which sucks. If you close outlook and go home for the day, you dont get any of these emails any more (on a blackberry for instance).
      2. People assume that since they didnt get the email, they dont have any voicemail, not true. They also believe that when they are in the office and start getting TWO emails for each voicemail (see the wav attachment above and outlook integration BOTH on), that something is broken.

      MCM is just flat out half baked.

      People have just gotten so used to a simple interface to play their voicemail from, and they dont seem to want to settle for anything less. You wouldnt think that a simple menu on a cell phone where you could play your voicemail from would be too hard to pull off.


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        Emailing the wav file is your best bet. The preview is a real bandwidth hog which is why they do not offer more than the 10 seconds. As to the system calling you, how else would you propose it to work? Your blackberry is not a ip voice endpoint and would not know what to do with the stuff unless you start a phone call for it to send the audio over.