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  • Echo on ShoreTel 230 Speakerphone

    Hello All,

    I have been lurking in these forums for some time and have found everything here very, very helpful. Many thanks to all of you!

    On to the actual question:

    I have a system of ShoreTel 230 IP phones, and I'm running version 9.1 on the server. The problem is that my users are experiencing an echo during intercom calls. The issue seems to stem from the fact that many of my users have their phones under some sort of overhang (a bookshelf/cubby-type area near/on their desks). What seems to be happening is the person hearing the echo will speak, and the beginning of what they are saying will feed back into the phone because the area the phone is housed in is especially reverberant, resulting in what some users are describing as "clicking" noises.

    I have seen that you can change many of the settings for these phones through configuration files. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which settings I could try playing with to give my users "click-less" intercom calls?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I have heard that some codecs can cause the "cricket" sound effect.

    what codec(s) are you using. Do these sounds ever happen on calls from office to office, in the same building? Or only on external calls?


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      They happen from site-to-site (over a VPN connection) as well as inside the office.

      I'm currently using a codec list that has PCMU/8000 and L16/8000, in that order, for intrasite and intersite calls.


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        Man, I had the same problem. I changed my codecs to strictly pcmu/8000.

        Strike a match, I'm back....400Degreez


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          I've changed my codec lists to PCMU/8000 only (not sure why the other one was even there in the first place). I'll get a report from the affected users today and report back. Thanks!



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            If the situation is: Speaker phone to speaker phone echos and it goes away of one party lifts the handset then you will most likely need to adjust the side tones of the mic via the custom file for the phone in question (sevcustom.txt for the 230).

            I had to lower the default value a bunch to get it to sound right for a couple customers now.


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              Do you have any suggested values?

              I haven't heard anything back from my users since I made the change. I'm guessing they're all too busy to care at the moment.



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                I have my codec on strictly pcmu/8000 also and it has helped that issue.


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                  Start by taking the 1 off the front of the default value and decrease from there.

                  pcmu/8000 helps but does not fix speaker phone to speaker phone issues.



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                    I found the line I added to sevcustom.txt

                    SpeakerLevels: 8192,258,410,649,1029,1631,2584,4096,6492,10289,43 06,17,17