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  • Moving Shoretel 10.1 to a new server - hardware swap

    I recently replaced our server hardware and thought my notes would save someone a ton of time. A case of beer can be sent to me at any time, PM for address.

    Please let me know if any of these directions are wrong or can be made better. It would be nice if we could get instructions like these going for all versions and keep them in a folder or get them "sticky" in the forums.

    I attached in a word doc form because the formatting got messed up when posting directly.

    I am working on cleaning up the document. The formatting and some steps are missing. I will update and re-post.

    Update - Disable windows 2008 firewall on all interfaces

    UPDATE - Before you are finished (this isnt in the doc yet), stop all FTP/IIS services. Restore your backup of the FTPROOT folder - and reboot

    all should be good at this point.
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    Thanks. I attached a .pdf version for those who might not have MS Word or OPen Offfice.
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