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  • Operator Call Manager Delays???

    Since upgrading the PC at our receptionist desk, we have been having alot of problems with Shoretel Operator Call Manager not displaying incoming calls for a few seconds which makes it very hard to transfer using the drag & drop option (apparently some have forgot how to manually transfer). Also some calls sometimes don't show at all.
    This is a brand new Dual core Dell running Windows 7 Professional x64. I have several other PC's running the same OS but with Personal Call Manager and there seems to be no problems with them.

    Anyone have an idea where to look for this strange issue?

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    Call Manager

    Every strange issue we have had with call manager like that turned out to be something to do with QOS/dropped packets. Several times I have seen where the main number comes into a different location and then the calls all go over the wan.

    Odd that this didnt start until you went to 10.1 though.

    The operator call manager takes quite a bit more bandwidth as it monitors many more stations than a regular call manager does. Much of the traffic is UDP too, so if its dropped by QOS, it is just gone (the call never shows on the call manager).


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      We are not at 10.1, we are on 9.2 Build 14.41.4603.0 and I agree that it is strange that this did not creep up before. I am wondering if this could possibly be a Windows 7 issue so I may rebuild the old PC and see if the problem goes away or not. The old PC was running XP SP3.


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        I had the same issue with two operator call manager licenses and it came out to be something with the PC (they were running XP SP3 but only had 1 or 2 GB's of RAM, so we upped them to 3 GB's of RAM and alleviated the issue.


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          Mine has been solved also. I setup another identical PC except instead of Window 7 x64, I installed Windows Vista x32 and all is good now. I am assuming it was something with either Windows 7 or the 64 bit OS.