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  • Call lost on transfer to a vendor

    We set up extension 1212 to transfer incoming calls to a vendor (an answering service). We've had this set up for a few years now. My user gets a call from a client, determines it needs to go to that vendor, hits the "transfer" button on the phone, sends it to 1212 which translates it to the external number, waits to hear the ringing, then hits Transfer.

    Every once in a while someone complains the call is lost on transfer ("client is being disconnected").

    My only explanation is the vendor is hanging up on the client, but I promised to post something here, in case I'm wrong.

    We're on:

    ShoreTel 9.2
    Build 14.41.1108.0


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    I'd track down an approximate time of a call where you think it is disconnecting and find the call GUID. Trace the call through its life in the TMSNCC log and you'll see if a far end disconnect is occuring.


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      Ah, thanks!