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  • TMS errors

    In the past two weeks I have had a rash of TMS (Event ID: 233) errors.

    "TMS has disconnected from switch "Phone 4" ( This may be as a result of a network outage, administrative action, or unexpected switch behavior."

    I called our "support partner" and without even listening to what I had to say, they said, It's your cisco switch and that was the end of it.

    Well it has happened on two seperate switches and two different SG90's.

    Yesterday I had over 100 errors an hours time span.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Also, We just received a letter from our ShoreTel partner that they are closing shop. Anyone recommend a partner support in the Kansas City area that knows what they are doing?

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    Do you have spanning-tree running? If so you should turn it off on the SG port and the handset port as well.


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      this happened to us on ShoreTel_9.1_Build_14.22.2904.0 we upgraded to ShoreTel_9.2_Build_14.41.9506.0 and problem went away. ShoreTel also told us problem was our network. sigh..


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        Who is your current Shoretel Partner?