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  • taking digits to a file or something

    I need to have a way to have customers call in, follow prompts and enter digits that would get written to a file or something. We are trying to setup a way for customers to opt into a new program and have a "recording" of the call for auditing purposes. The called would basically enter in their SSN, and account number with the keypad, and then that info could get read back to them and saved somehow, so that a person could take that info, verify it, and opt them in... how could I do that?

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    IVR... guess I need an ivr solution for this.... any suggestions?


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      The ShoreTel IPTel system won't do this without a third party IVR software.

      Their contact centre software should be able to do it although I have never used it.


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        In additional to ECC, there are a number of solutions that connect via tie trunks. For example, Asterisk can connect via SIP trunks and provides an IVR. A number of people (including us) have also written IVR software which handles calls natively in ShoreTel on a route point.


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          ECC is capable of this kind of function if you have it. Otherwise you are looking at a third party app. Might be worth getting a hold of Palitto Consulting and seeing what they can offer. They do great work on all kinds of custom stuff for ShoreTels.