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  • Shoretel Database Error

    Hi folks! We're running ST 6 (Build 11.6.9805.0) and I'm getting an error in the Windows 2003 Event log for Shoreware:

    Event ID: 93
    Wrong database version. Current version 435, expecting version 436.

    We recently migrated our ST server to a new server (fyi) and although the ST version remained the same (ST6), the build is higher on the new server. Perhaps this is causing the issue (I'm not certain). This isn't causing problems with Shoretel functioning, but one issue we have is we can no longer do any user administration (buttons are disabled in the 'Users: Edit User' window in the SWD). Any assistance the community can provide would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I thought Shoretel 6 ran off of punchtape, not a database.....


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      There will be a program, query, macro, or SQL script to upgrade the database to the correct version. I could tell you where it is on newer versions, but I don't know for 6, nor do I have a copy of 6 here--it's just too old.


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        I discovered the solution. I copied the entire 'Shoreline Data' folder back to the old (retired) server; upgraded Shoretel to the same build as the production server; and then copied the data back to production. Looks like the upgrade modifies the database schema and although I was running the same version (ST6), the builds were different.