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  • Moving usergroup to another site

    Is there anyway to move a usergroup from the headquarters site to an another site on the same network? I have a ton of people in the headquarters site (Usergroup A) that I want moved at one time to another site on the Shoretel network. Any idea? I can't find where to do that.

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    Users are assigned to a site via the IP address of the phones they are assigned to, according to the IP address ranges entered into the IP Phone Address Map.

    If you are moving the users to different physical phones, and those phones will be using IP addresses already assigned in the IP phone address map to the site you want to move them to, just reassigning them to those phones will change their sites. You can also use the Batch Update utility to move them to another voicemail server if you have a DVS at that site you want to move them to.

    If the phones will be moving with them, you'll just need to add their new IP ranges to the IP phone address map under the correct site. In my experience, phones moving between sites have to be cleared before they'll come up with the right IP addresses. If they can get their old IP addresses they will, and they'll come up under the old site.


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      Take a look at 'Individual IP Phones' under Director/IP Phones. This should allow you to 'click' the users you need to 'move', select the site/switch and click 'move'. See if that is what you are after?