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  • New Server ?

    Hello all,

    We have had a ton of issues with the original SBE Server we installed at a client site (1 month old) along with weird slowness on Terminal Services (CM). We have decided to go ahead a put in a replacement SBE server, that we have in stock and reprogram it from scratch as the site has only 40 users. Here is my plan and I am looking for suggestions / comments... thanks

    Take old SBE server offline
    Have the IT department remove CM from Terminal Server users
    Place new server and reprogram to same IP as old server
    Install MS updates
    Reboot and setup IIS, etc.
    Install the original 10.1 CR ----> Thats the build on the switch and phones
    Program it all up and test
    Download / install ShoreTel 10.1 GA
    Update Server / Switch / Phones

    Am I missing anything or should it be this easy? Also, is there any real advantage/dissadvabtage to having the server on the domain? I am getting mixed reviews on this... Thanks!

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    That sounds pretty solid, don't forget to make sure your DEP settings are correct as well.
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485


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      Originally posted by rwensmann View Post
      That sounds pretty solid, don't forget to make sure your DEP settings are correct as well.
      Yes. Thanks. I think this is where we had problems the first go around. The server was partially configured prior to being placed on the domain then it was added to the domain part way through. Director wouldn't launch and it just escalated from there.

      We were thinking of rebuilding the existing server but it will be easier to "prep" our spare and do the swap onsite with the above mentioned instructions.
      The real question is if the phones will care that there is a new server and will they register in director or will they require a reboot, etc.

      I'll need a new system key licence at the end of all this as well with the new server/NIC.

      Can anyone else add anything? Thanks in advance....


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        So you'll want the server to be part of the AD domain if you want to leverage AD integration. In fact, over the past 5 years we've deployed most of our Shoretel installs on the domain.

        The only downside to deploying on a domain is you do run the risk of impacts as a result of the domain. About 3 years ago, MS released a patch that modified how DCOM permissions worked and it impacted Shoretel, even if the patch wasn't directly installed on the Shoretel server (or DVS boxes). The changes propogated through the domain once installed on one of the Domain Controllers.

        That has really been the only negative impact from being in a domain environment over the past 5 years from over a 100 Shoretel customers.