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  • Reports. Anyone have a cheat sheet?

    I know that there is documentation within the Shoretel Admin guide, but does anyone have a quick run-down on how to run reports on Shoretel 8.1 build 13.23.6910.0?

    Or does anyone know where I could locate some of these docs?

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    Anyone at all?


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      Reports work about the same from 8.1 through 10.1. Unless you purchase a "web view" license they can only be run locally from the ShroreTel server. On the server there are reports links in the start menu, but I have never seen them work, usually I get into director and run them from the reports tab in the menu. They are pretty straight forward and easy to understand if you have used reports before, if not then you need to go back and read the section on reports in the Admin guide.


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        Someone told me .....You CAN run webreports from the network a different way"

        How's that???

        Setup SSH server on HQ box.
        Use putty and setup a connection to the HQ Box
        Next In putty connection, create port forwarding to 3306 (MYSQL Port) to
        load MySQL ODBC driver on local win computer
        create local DSN to MySQL @ select database shoreware for DB connection

        login to HQ Box through SSH
        Point browser to http://localhost/shorewaredirector
        Webreporting will work!

        They also said when testing...DO NOT use any other feature (like config'ing users or trunks) as it will not work properly.

        My question is... is it legal to do so? Technically the DB traffic & access is localized and using it this way does not violate licensing... so is it ethical?