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  • 1 user with 2 phones same extension (no logging in)

    Is this possible?
    our CEO has a desk phone and a 2nd phone at his other desk in his office. He wants both phones usable for in/outbound calls. Right now i just have it unassigned so he can make phone calls, but of course nobody can call him on that phone. Can both phones be setup to use his same extension at the same time?

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    You'll need to give the second phone its own extension. You can then leverage a number of different features between the two phones to accomplish this.

    His extension can be a hunt group that rings both phones. You can set his main phone to use Shared Call Appearances and do an extension monitor of the SCA from the other phone. You can make his extension a BCA and assign BCA line appearances on both phones to the main extension.

    Quite a few ways to skin this cat. SCAs are new as of Shoretel 9.2, by the way.