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  • Call parking

    The customer reports she can no longer park a call at her site. When she tries, it simply puts the call on hold and the line button continues to blink.
    I've tried recreating the problem at the main site and it all works fine for me.
    ANy thoughts?

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    What is she trying to park to?


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      She's trying to park to an extension in the equipment room. It's the one they chose when they were first installed and informed every one about and then they announce it when they page. It has also been working until two weeks ago. I reassigned my phone, on a different switch and in a different city and tested it. It worked fine for me.
      I read another post that talked about unparking from a call that had been placed on hold and we tried that in Calgary. It still didn't let the person trying to unpark the call have it.


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        Fixed it!

        I had checked the 'health' of the phone in USERS and in individual IP phones but not in Quick Look, Site, Switch. IP Phone Maintenance where I found it to be 'out of service'. We swapped the extension with another phone and the parking function healed itself. I'm going to have her reboot the phone and replace it if that doesn't do it. Thanks for your response.