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  • Call routing Question

    Hi guys,

    is anyway to create a dialing rule or call routing when the user dial the phone number ( 213 941 XXXX) we want the system recognize that number and dial extension (200) ? example:

    user dial: 213 941 XXXX system dial extension 200

    (user call ends on extension 200)

    thanks in Advance.

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    You can block individual numbers via the call permissions on a user's group, but you can't redirect them to an extension this way. A custom application would be able to do this easily. Can you detail why you need this done?


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      Originally posted by Palitto Consulting View Post
      You can block individual numbers via the call permissions on a user's group, but you can't redirect them to an extension this way.
      Just another item that our 25 year old TDM system was able do that ShoreTel can't do out of the box.:no:


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        Yes, you can do this. Shoretel added this functionality a few years back (I'm thinking 6.0 or 6.1 release) and it requires an addition to either the trunk group custom dial plan or the site dial plan.

        I need to do a little bit of digging to pull up the dial plan rules for you. Hopefully I can find it by tomorrow.

        By the way, this feature was added with larger customers in mind. In a deployment with thousands of phones across different locations, you may have no idea that a PSTN number actually corresponds to a phone on the same Shoretel image and consequently an internal extension. Shoretel parses the DID/DNIS tables to determine if there is a match and then redirects the call to the extension that the DID/DNIS entry points to.


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          Funny the things you remember from a few years back...

          The feature is actually called PSTN Short Circuit. I'm not sure if it ever made it to "official" release but it does still work.

          Please consult with your Shoretel partner or Shoretel support when implementing this feature to better understand any implications for your environment.

          This function is enabled on a PER SITE basis and is based on the trunk group access code. Enter Director in support mode and go to the SITE that you desire to enable the functionality for. Under the custom sute dialing rules, add in the value ;9d (if your trunk access code is 9, if it is 8 it would be ;8d).



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            Thanks for sharing: Is this documented somewhere or just something you knew from experience?


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              ShoreTel KB12996

              Also, what this will do is cause any DID on that site that is dialed to go to the extension, instead of dialing out the DID

              If you are using PSTN Failover, this might (I haven't tested it) cause an issue, but otherwise is very stable, and we have done it for a number of our customers.