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  • Export phone list for end-users to a csv file?

    We're on version 9.2

    I have some users who don't use PCM, and they don't want to use the Directory button on the phone.

    Our programmer, no longer employed with us, created a webpage that grabbed the information and put it into a pretty list. Unfortunately due to a microsoft update the website broke. I was able to move the other, simpler, pages to another server but I'm having a bear of a time with this one.

    So, instead of spending a lot of time on it, I'm looking for more of a down & dirty solution. A daily export of the phone directory to a csv file. The Scheduled Task thing I can handle, but does anyone have a script that creates something like this? We're on version 9.2


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    If you look at the table SystemDirectory in the MySQL configuration database, you should see that this contains most of the information you need. You should be able to query this via the mysql command line client to dump it to a file.