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  • Secure Shoreware Director?

    I am an entry level network just wanted to get that out there...

    My boss told me he read somewhere (But couldn't produce it) that the shoreware director site on port 80 could be a security concern.

    I asked if he wanted me to configure it with SSL, but his concern was some folks with iPhone apps that switch the calls from office anywhere to office, etc. and he didn't know if they could use SSL.

    Same thing with limiting the IP's in IIS...won't know what IP's the iPhones are coming from.

    So I"m just curious if anyone has any better ideas. My google searches seem to come out fruitless...

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    The default for the Iphone apps is port 8090, so using SSL shouldn't effect them. We do have a customer who's HQ is on SSL, and there is something (I can't remember what, but it's cosmetic) that doesn't work correctly.


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      What iPhone app? or is that all iphone apps?


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        See this thread Jason: